About Despatch sms

Despatchsms is a registered domain and sms trade mark of Hookupsky Limited. We are the largest Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nigeria

Despatchsms lets you send SMS or text messages to a range of networks in each country, out text messages are prompt because we remain the Best Bulk SMS Website Service Provider in Nigeria

We also provide Bulk SMS API to enable users’ link directly to our website from their own websites and send text messages.

Despatchsms is No 1 in Bulk SMS Services in Nigeria, .

We are reliable, Scalable and blazing fast and we are so sure, the lowest price and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Despatchsms.com gateway allows the following functions :

  • Sending and receiving of sms messages.
  • To build voice call and sms features into your web/mobile applications in your favorite web language.
  • SMS, MMS, Transcoding and user lookup APIs. Quickly and easily add messaging and rich media to your application.
  • To provide an HTTP-based push sms interface additionally to web-based message sending tools.
  • To add sms send and receive capability to your applications.
  • To use our sms API on your application or service reliably send and receive secure, targeted text messages and alerts your despatch sms mobility subscribers.
  • To bring powerful web applications and interactive services to users.
  • To enable multi-messaging capability for your website or application.
  • To build robust automated text messaging (SMS) applications for send and receive text messages to mobile devices all over the world.
  • Send sms API enables an application to send an sms on behalf of the user and check the delivery status of a sent sms.
  • Allow the applications send and receive sms messages, as well as to access and manage the messages on the device.
  • Allow the application developers to send text messages to more than 700 global mobile networks.
  • Despatch sms API provides web services for sending and receiving sms, requesting location lookups for mobile devices, managing contacts, delivering reports and other mobile-centre functionality. Despatch sms gateway enables bulk sms, multi-channel mass broadcasts, custom voice messaging and geo-location services.
  • We use a web interface to allow users to send and receive text messages to multiple people, schedule a message to go later in the day, week, months or year and track the delivering of the message to mobile devices.
  • Our interface can allow you design, program and implement your own sms solution, using despatch sms low cost services.
  • Our sms API is built  to develop and deliver straight forward, hassle free integration with our sms gateway.
  • We have taken care of the sophisticated details and harnessed the sophisticated technology necessary to bring you a simple solution for sending sms text messages from a web or desktop application.