Cure Messaging Features

  • Customisable originator : To strengthen despatch sms gateway brands, officialise messages and simplify two-way sms, We provide varying levels of customisation to facilitate numeric and alphanumeric originators.
  • Expiry Date/Time : For situations when recipient mobiles are inactive, the validity period of individual sms can be set so that, if delivery does not take place by a certain date & time, then delivery should not take place at all.
  • Number Validation : To prevent the wastage of funds, MSISDNs are validated before network submission to discard invalid numbers, correct common mistakes and (optionally) ensure that a pre-specified dialing code is included.
  • UNICODE Text : Allows for text and symbols from all of the world's writing systems to be included within an sms, making it possible to send sms in languages such as Arabic, Greek, Russian, Chinese, etc.
  • Long Messaging : To overcome the length restrictions faced by sms, long messages can be sent using a total of 8 different methods that includes message concatenation.
  • Delivery Report : To provide accountability for every messages that we transmit, we real-time delivery states from every network and pass them on to our customers through several diffrent means.